Wednesday, August 1, 2012

US Border Patrol Choose Israeli Company's Radar System

Border protection is a hot button issue, and as Arizona residences, we are particularly aware with local news reports and the implications of an active border. Israel Defense has reported that the US Border Patrol has chosen a new motion detection ground radar system for added security against illegal entry. The system is manufactured by Elta Systems Ltd., a subsidiary of Israeli Aerospace Industries. 

EL/M 2112 Persistent Ground Radar Surveillance
The radar system chosen is called the EL/M 2112, which falls in the Persistent Ground Radar Surveillance line of products offered by ELTA. Their most advanced system has the capability to detect human motion up to 12 miles, and up to double this distance for moving vehicles. It is noted that the radar system can be set in a fixed position or easily go on the move for mobile patrols. The system integrates detection along with alarm notification for constant on demand surveillance. 

While it is not indicated which version was selected for acquisition by the US Border Patrol, assuming the most advanced system was chosen, a total of 80 units would be needed to cover the vast stretch that is the US/Mexico Border. Obviously they may not be looking for complete border coverage and certain sectors are more "hot" than others for illegal traffic. Also, man power and other resources would be required for interception once the radar detected any movement. It is noted in the product specs that multiple units can be integrated to provide a real-time display of a complete area being patrolled, which would provide a comprehensive system for overall coverage where the system is utilized.

EL/M 2112 Operator Display
Many have pushed for a  physical border as a deterrent for illegal entry, however a comprehensive radar surveillance system could be a more active means of utilizing 21st Century technology to seek out any human or drug trafficking. We are sure there are plenty of additional variables that would need to be figured in for providing perfect border security, but proponents should see some value at least when viewed on paper. A comprehensive surveillance plan and use of the radar system will prove any true value. View the full report from Israel Defense at: Guarding US Borders

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