Wednesday, August 22, 2012

TWN Industries Offering Kryptek Camouflage Hydrographic Film

If you have been waiting to get your rifle, pistol, or any gear outfitted with the latest Kryptek Camo Patterns, then TWN Industries has what you need. The foremost water transfer printing supplier now has the Kryptek Highlander and Raid patterns available on their Hydrographic Film with more options to soon follow as reported by Outdoor Hub. 

TWN Industries Kryptek Highlander Hydrographic Film
Clearly the Highlander pattern is the most obvious for immediate release. It is the transitional variant in the family of patterns submitted by Kryptek to the U.S. Army for their camouflage improvement effort. It is also their first pattern to make its commercial introduction to hunting apparel. Their urban camouflage pattern Raid will surely draw some interest with its unique color palette, despite not being part of the effort.

We will definitely be looking for the first rifles to be printed with the camouflage as the hexagonal shapes, which are a very noticeable feature of the Kryptek patterns, fit right in with the popular snake skin effect you see custom painted on many firearms. While the Highlander and Raid patterns are available now, it  is noted that their Typhon (Night Variant) and Yeti (Artic Variant) will be available in September. View the full release with ordering information at

Kryptek Raid Camo Hydrographic Film 

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