Tuesday, August 21, 2012

TenCate Offering Defender M in A-TACS Camo

Digital Concealment Systems and TenCate Protective Fabrics announced today that the widely utilized flame resistant Defender M FR Fabric will be available in A-TACS AU and FG. Defender M is the most widely utilized flame resistant fabric in the U.S. Military with the most recent development being its use in the Army Combat Pant and also carries over for use with the FR ACU as well as the USMC FROG utilized in Afghanistan and beyond. It was quite exciting for us to learn that the A-TACS Camo patterns will also be available for use in manufacturing uniforms with the widely utilized flame resistant fabric. Below we have provided the press release in its entirety. 

TenCate Protective Fabrics and Digital Concealment Systems announce Defender®M in A-TACS Camo

TenCate Defender® M sets the standard for flame-resistant military grade fabric, having been specified by both the United States Army and Marine Corps as the uniform material of choice for its ground troops serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. Thanks to its patented technology, TenCate Defender® M not only provides exceptional protection from flame and heat, but also offers the level of comfort and durability required in combat uniforms. 

Now, TenCate and Digital Concealment Systems are proud to announce that both the A-TACS AU and A-TACS FG Camo patterns are available on Defender® M fabrics. A-TACS Camo is now available on Tencate Defender® M from Tencate. For more information, contact Mr. John Blackmon by email at  or TenCate Customer Service by e-mail at:

About TenCate Defender®M
When warfighters are exposed to blasts and burning fuel, life and death can be measured in seconds. Thanks to a proprietary blend of fibers including Lenzing® FR, the unique flame-resistant qualities of Defender® M provide the warfighter with that extra margin of protection including comprehensive protection during exposure to flames and high heat combined with the ability to quickly self-extinguish in the event of a fire or explosion. It is also engineered not to melt or drip like some non-flame resistant blends.

The flame-resistant qualities of Defender® M are inherent to the fabric. They will never wash or wear out over the entire wear life of the garment. Defender® M provides the high level of everyday performance that’s essential in any uniform. It’s lightweight and breathable with excellent moisture management, wicking away perspiration and minimizing discomfort when the temperature soars. Its excellent resistance to wear, tearing, and fading ensures a long, useful garment life.

About A-TACS Camo
A-TACS Camo represents a radical leap forward in the science of concealment. The pattern is available in two variants, A-TACS AU Camo (Arid/Urban) and A-TACS FG Camo (Foliage Green). Through a unique and patent-pending process, un-natural square pixels are replaced with organically shaped pixels creating micro-patterns that are much more natural in appearance. 

These micro-patterns work together to create a larger “macro-pattern”. This unique “pattern within a pattern” process enables the A-TACS Camo to more effectively break the human outline at a greater distance than was previously possible by minimizing the “blobbing” effect prevalent in many modern digital camouflage patterns. Additionally, both A-TACS Camo pattern variants use a greater range of inter-mingled colors that have been blended together in a unique way to further enhance the natural appearance of the patterns. For more information visit:

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