Thursday, August 2, 2012

S.T.A. Training Precision Rifle and Carbine Courses

We have received the latest scheduling for August from the S.T.A. Training Group and they have two great multi-day course options lined up including the Precision Rifle or Carbine Fighter Courses. If you live in or will be near Phoenix, AZ Mid to Late August, then you will want to take these training courses into consideration.

You can also travel and stay at one the nice local hotel/resorts and attend the course without bringing your own weapon. STA Training Group offers state of the art tactical load bearing equipment, precision rifles, optics, binoculars, night vision/thermal and spotting scopes at NO CHARGE to the customer. They do ask that you coordinate in advance for a list of equipment required for the course.

Their facility offers state of the art steel target systems for both day and night shooting exercises past 1000 yards. The property is located 40 minutes north west of the Phoenix International airport (PHX).

S.T.A Training Rifle Selection

Precision Rifle Fighter Course

This course is designed to familiarize the students with the most current precision rifle techniques of employment while focusing strong on the basic fundamentals of marksmanship. This course will take a student with no precision rifle experience and bring them to a high level and understanding of marksmanship, observation, range estimation and improvised shooting positions from instructors with decades of operational and more importantly INSTRUCTIONAL experience. The Precision Rifle Fighter course will challenge any shooter no matter the skill level or experience.   

The facility has multiple buildings, a mock Afghan village, micro terrain and rolling mountains that offer unpredictable winds ideal for precision rifle instruction.  This course will allow the shooter to obtain data out past 1000 yards but focusing on the employment within 500 yards and in.   

S.T.A.Training: Precision Rifle Fighter Night Shoot 
There will also be a night shoot that will show the shooters how to spot rounds at night through night vision and IR lasers, thermals and low light conditions. NV/thermal/lasers provided at no charge.

7 Day Course - August 10th to 16th
2 Day Courses - August 17th & 18th

Pricing: 2 Day: $250.00, 7 Day: $1750
Must have 10 students to run the course, Course Costs exclude Ammo. Must be paid prior to course.

Precision Rifle Fighter Course

Carbine Fighter Course 

This course is designed to familiarize and advance the student to high level of carbine marksmanship, manipulation, and effective engagement with that weapon system.  This course does not require previous carbine training. The Carbine Fighter will include shooting from barricades, low light/no light employment, shooting while moving, speed, combat and tactical reloads, multiple target engagement and many carbine improvement drills to elevate the student to a higher level of education, comfort, familiarization, marksmanship and technique. 

Rifles- AR type rifles chambered in .22,.223, .7.62x39, 6.8 SPC and .308.  No reloads will be authorized through STA TG school rifles. No SS109 (green tip) or steel core ammunition authorized on steel targets.

S.T.A. Training Group
2 Day Course - August 18th & 19th 

Pricing: $250.00
Must have 10 students to run the course, Course Costs excludes Ammo. Must be paid prior to course.

Note - LE agencies can receive a course outline to reference for their department as to what their officers will be taught.  Instructor bios are available upon request. You must be a U.S. citizen to attend.  No felony or domestic violence convictions.

For questions related to S.T.A. Training Group and Registration for any courses contact Jerod Johnson: For additional information visit:

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