Thursday, August 2, 2012

Snake Hound Machine UBR Sidewinder AK-47

We have featured a previous rifle build from Snake Hound Machine and they are coming into their own with the latest UBR Sidewinder. They are definitely bringing function and form for long time AK fans and those on the AR side of the aisle will certainly appreciate the customization and accuracy normally associated with their preferred rifle platform. The rifle is of course chambered in 7.62X39, but includes features for recoil mitigation to handle like it is shooting 5.56X45 and provide 1 inch groups to boot. 

Snake Hound Machine UBR Sidewinder AK

The UBR Sidewinder comes equipped with a custom beryl rail, Samson K Rail, Tromix Big knob charging handle, and Valmet Recoil Buffer. Enhancements are made with a mirror polished bolt carrier and internal receiver rails at contact points, and improved safety. The Trigger has a 1/8th inch reset. 

Added rifle accessories include a Mission First Tactical BUS Battlelink Stock w/ Adjustable Cheek Piece and Grip, EOTech XPS and Magpul MBUS Sights. Snake Hound Machine is also the first custom AK builder to use the Ares Armor EFFIN-A AK Compensator as their standard muzzle device, which is pinned and welded to bring the overall barrel length to 16.1 inches.

UBR Side Winder AK-47
The Sidewinder is the folding stock version of the UBR (Ultimate Battle Rifle) AK utilizing an ACE Folding Mechanism. They will also be making a standard non-folding modle called the SHM UBR AK which will have a Vltor Stock Adapter. For contact details and ordering visit

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