Thursday, August 23, 2012

Recycle 3D Targets

This video from Ruger's Tactical Pocket Pistol Tips shows a cheap way to extend the use of your 3D Targets beyond just a short trip from the range. We thought this was a great idea to save some cash on 3D Targets by utilizing a cardboard backdrop to take inventory of shot placement where it is going to count to neutralize a threat. 

LE Targets TAC-MAN
Sure you will still need to source some cheap cardboard to rig up the target after an initial use, but the savings will add up quick in comparison to the cost of a new 3-D Target. Law Enforcement Targets sell both the the 3-D Plastic Target as well as the pre-cut cardboard insert, which can be quickly folded and inserted in the rear of the target at just 5% of the actual target cost. You can find these products at

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