Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Perfect Shot with Bean Bag Camera Support

We have have seen and utilized bean bags as supports for a rifle, so it seems like a natural option for stabilizing a camera as well when taking a shot out in the field. The Vest Guy has a Bean Bag Camera Support available in two sizes and the option to customize the bag with your business or personal name. This could be a great option for all of those photographers that don't want to lug around a tripod or need a versatile option for taking photos from different angles in any environment. We don't see why it couldn't be adapted to work for a rifle all the same. 

The Vest Guy Bean Bag Camera Support
Field photographers need the ability to catch a still shot and bean bags with their high density filler are great for conforming to whatever surface is available. While concealment is not a typical concern unless you are on secret squirrel surveillance, the nylon bags are available in MultiCam, A-TACS, Woodland,  and Desert or Woodland Digital, as well as the ever popular UCP camouflage. They also offer the solid colors Coyote, Black, Tan, and OD Green.

The Vest Guys just released this latest video below of a National Geographic Photographer given their own impression of the bag. The Bean Bag Camera Support is available for ordering online at:

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