Tuesday, August 28, 2012

PenCott GreenZone SABRE Clothing in the Rhineland

Svensson Tactical released some great shots out in the woods of Germany near the Rhine river showing the effectiveness of the PenCott GreenZone camouflage for this environment. SABRE is based out of Germany just recently starting offering Hyde Definition's PenCott Multi-environment camouflage patterns. 

Svensson Tactical with PenCott GreenZone Camo in Germany
The design of the PenCott camouflage pattern conceals well in the randomness of nature. This allows the colorway to be altered to fit the needs of differing terrain and vegetation. You can find many more shots like these at 

SABRE Apparel with PenCott GreenZone Camo - Svensson Tactical

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