Monday, August 20, 2012

Panteao Productions: Gunsmithing the 1911

In their latest installment of the Make Ready series, Panteao Productions takes another departure from weapons training and looks at the actual customization process of the 1911 with Paul Liebenberg from Pistol Dynamics at the helm. We are quite excited to see this video make its way to the public given the growing popularity of building your own firearms along with customization of stock weapons make them meet your own individual needs or aesthetic taste.

There is certainly a good deal of mystique that comes with gunsmithing, so an indepth look at customizing one of the most popular pistols in history can certainly help alleviate any apprehension one may have with delving into their own personal gun project. We certainly have our own personal interest with our friends over at Ares Armor presenting their Rudius 1911, which allows for you to build your own stock pistol from the frame on up.

Panteo Productions: Make Ready with Paul Liebenberg

Panteao notes that Mr. Liebenberg has three decades of experience under his belt in becoming a master gun builder, so he would certainly be one to learn from if he can teach as well as he builds guns. The trailer for their latest video is provided below. You can now pre-order Make Ready with Paul Liebenberg: Gunsmithing The 1911 at: Panteao

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