Friday, August 24, 2012

National Knife Day: SRK San Mai III

There are a lot of great knives to consider on such a hallowed occasion as National Knife Day. However, we are quite fond of the knives put out by Cold Steel and the SRK San Mai III is a great representation of their dedication to producing knives that serve a function even if some are more simplistic than what you may find created by other knife designers. 

Cold Steel SRK San Mai III 
The key feature of this fixed blade is the San Mai III steel blade, which is one of the premier stainless
steels utilized today for lasting the long haul, ability to hold sharp edge, and easily hone as needed. It is completed with a Kray-ex handle and ships with a Secure-EX Sheath. Even the name is simple being an acronym for Survival Rescue Knife, which given its durability and moderate length will prove quite apt as a multi-function tool for these exact activities and was designed specifically as a combat knife. It also only weighs in at a half pound, so it is not going to add a lot of heft to your kit. 

We are now offering the SRK San Mai III and are providing a 10% discount for National Knife Day, which is valid through tomorrow on all knives offered at Enter Code:87CF936F0D9C9E0 at check out to receive the discount. Valid till August 26th. 

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