Thursday, August 9, 2012

Gear UP Center Survival Supply Opening Soon

Gear Up is best known for their innovative Crovel brand survival shovel/multitools including the new Crovel Extreme and the original Crovel Tactical. They also just introduced their new NAX which combines the functionality of a kukri, machete, and hatchet with a single piece of forged steel utilizing a 550 paracord wrapped handle and grooved grip to easily conform to the hand. 
Gear Up Center NAX
The Gear Up Center will aim to be the "Sharper Image" of survival supply. They will feature their own innovative survival tools as well as the most cutting edge and compact gear possible for outdoorsmen, survivalists, campers, military personnel, LEO, and hikers. They will be opening their doors in Scottsdale, Arizona later this month with a focus on the five elements of Survival. 

The store is owned and operated by Tim Ralston who was featured on NatGeos Doomsday Preppers. All Crovel brand products are almost caught up on backorder status and will be stocked at the new showroom within 3-4 weeks along with the NAX soon following suit. Other key products offered will be 7 day bug out bags that are stocked with survival essentials. They will also be featuring different promos and discounts at their store's website. 

The Gear Up Center will feature all products listed at their online store. For full details and updates on their products and retail store opening, visit

Crovel Extreme from Gear Up 

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