Thursday, August 23, 2012

FR Camouflage Face Paint

Researchers at USM have developed a silicone based "make-up" that can be applied to the skin for extreme flame resistance. PEO Soldier had mention the need for the development of a FR Camouflage Face Paint well over a year ago in combination with flame resistant clothing solutions. Improvised explosives have brought a new age of combat where death or injury from burns is one of the largest threats in fighting an insurgency. While the future of warfare is uncertain, great measures are now taken to provide as much flame resistant protection as possible to those in the U.S. Military and beyond.

Donning Face Paint for Infantry Training Course Dragon Fire 12
Photo by USMC Lance CPL Michalek
The newly developed FR face paint being tested in the video below shows the great lengths being taken by the U.S. Department of Defense to provide as much flame resistant coverage as possible for our troops in combat zones.  We don't want to know what happened to the Mad Duo's friend once the camera's were off. 

Flame resistant fabrics including Merino Wool are being used in Balacavas and other Face and Head covers which would provide a similar if not more encompassing function for protection. However, there are many ways to skin a cat and less cumbersome alternatives could be the key to providing a comfortable solution. 

There are many other factors that could play into the effectiveness of this solution including the need to reapply or its capability to hold up against the elements and maintain its functionality. Certainly it can work in a laboratory with heat sensors attached, but what will it due when put up against a rugged environment and rigors of combat. View the full report on the heat resistant facepaint with other possible applications at 

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