Thursday, August 23, 2012


Infantry snipers reached out to the guys over at FEAR GEAR to make them some form of concealment system utilizing their D1RT camouflage. They have shared with us the finished product which is a Heavy Duty Mesh that can be utilized as a cover when in any position.

FEAR GEAR D1RT Camouflage HD Mesh
These are test shots shown here, while the mesh has been sent off with actual field shots coming up soon. Several shots were taken in a rocky beach environment with the remainder in a temperate wooded area. 

FEAR GEAR D1RD HD Mesh Rocky Beach Shot
FEAR GEAR has more projects in the worked for more refined products utilizing their D1RT pattern, which we will report on as they develop. For more information the Modular Camouflage System visit

D1RT Camo HD Mesh Temperate Shot

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