Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Eberlestock Unicam II Camouflage

Eberlestock is one of the manufacturers that designs their own camouflage. They are also owning the concept of Universal camouflage and stuck with it long after the Army's UCP was determined to be a dud. Their Unicam camo, which is simply short for Universal Camouflage has similarities to some woodland digital patterns on the market and was a hit. The colorway is definitely superior to the pattern that dons the ACU. 

Eberlestock F4 Terminator Pack in Unicam II
The popular pack manufacturer for hunters and military alike has now released a photo of their Terminator Pack with a new camouflage simply called Unicam II. We can see some similarities to MultiCam at first glance, but it is definitely a unique patter integrating elements of pixelated camo and see what appears to be black in the mix, though some definitions of "black" vary. Look for the new camouflage to be offered on their packs later this fall at

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