Friday, August 17, 2012

EA Throws Out Limited Edition Vodoo Hawk

Apparently gaming blogs are a fearsome force to reckon with and rather than raise funds through the sales of promotional Limited Edition Medal of Honor SOG Voodoo Tomahawks for Project Honor, EA has decided it would be more prudent to pull the promotion altogether for PC sake. 

You could have given EA the benefit of the doubt and think they didn't kowtow to the bleeding hearts over at, if it wasn't reported that this is exactly what they did: "The Voodoo Tomahawk has since been removed from our website because of the article," Goodrich told Eurogamer features editor Martin Robinson at Gamescom on Wednesday." 

Limited Edition MOH VOODOO Hawk Chopped
Some turd from the UK thinks it is perfectly fine to play first person shooters to his hearts content leaving thousands in his wake of destruction, but still maintain a moral high ground supporting  gun and tomahawk control with a veracity to kill dreams. Just think of the countless gamers who sit in the comfort of their home and kill, kill, kill till their thumbs bleed only to find out that they can't by a Limited Edition Tomahawk to hang above their gaming throne. Clearly the narrow goals of this blogger have now been reached and he can retire into obscurity, one would hope. While he refers to his brain as middle-class British liberal, we find this to be far too kind of a characterization given limited thought put into his writing. 

The "real" debate glossed over here is whether violence in gaming leads to violence in society, instead he decides to take aim at inanimate objects. We guess it is too hard for this gaming genius to support a strong argument for or against a touchy subject in gaming or find any evidence to guide a stream of thought. Instead he blows hard about cultural superiority and alludes to how only Americans would find the concept of promoting branded weaponry to be one means of marketing a product that focuses on using virtual weaponry. 

Ironically SOG doesn't have the Limited Edition Voodoo Hawk, but they are still promoting the release of the standard Voodoo Hawk in October. Clearly EA had the say for the one product with their branding on it. Fret not as a real world tomahawk can still be within your grasp, you just won't get a snazzy camo sheath from London Bridge Tactical. We are sure many will be heart broken.

We can go on and on about mindless gun control thinking that plays out in some European countries along with other weapons such as a tomahawk, which clearly have no history in the U.S. and certainly have no purposeful use (eye-roll). It is hard to argue with someone that thinks the ultimate end user that would purchase the Voodoo Hawk would be unwieldy with it, and cause quite the headlines to start pouring out with massive Tomahawk accidents inherent without classical training. Especially, when you turn on the prime time news and hear of such cases with thousands of tomahawks out in the hands of maniacs. Perhaps there is insider information, which we are not privy to that shows the special branding makes them particularly unsafe. 

The true loser here is Project Honor, which will not receive any funds generated from the sale of the Limited Edition Voodoo Hawk. The money raised would have gone to charities for the Special Operations Community. EA still supports Project Honor in many other ways, so kudos for them in keeping up the good fight on that end of the bargain. We are just wondering what the hell they are thinking to quickly bend to some twit, with a very narrow mind and what must be the biggest gaming blog on the planet to get such a quick response. It is just too bad that the saying "No good deed goes unpunished", is all too true here. 

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