Thursday, August 16, 2012

DARPA Color Changing Robot

We have seen several articles now concerning scientists researching the instant camouflage capabilities of  squid and other cephalopods. Their ability to instantly conceal themselves from predators or prey is possibly the best representation of camouflage used in the animal kingdom and arguably the entire world.

DARPA M3 Robot
Photo Credit: DARPA

DARPA has developed a soft affordable robot that mimics the appearance of such translucent creatures, which can also fill with ink and gas to match the visual representation of surrounding area as well as the temperature or light up a dark environment.

It is clear that the developments of the Harvard University Researchers working for DARPA are certainly at its initial stages and certainly does not represent the same process present in those animals with their own biological concealment or luminescence. However, this video definitely shows promise for future strides to be made in bringing this technology to a variety of capabilities. For complete details on their intended robotic research visit:


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