Thursday, August 30, 2012

Concealed Carry Button Down Shirt

We are now offering the 24-7 Series Concealed Designs Shirt from TRU-SPEC. As big proponents for CCW, we are excited to have an option for those professionals who need a button down shirt that tucks in with an innocuous appearance, but still offers immediate access to a concealed weapon. The  Concealed Designs Shirt provides access to an IWB, Belly Band, or Shoulder Holster.

24-7 Series Concealed Designs Shirt
The shirt features hidden snaps at the side seam to keep the shirt close, but quickly detach when you need access to an inside waistband holster or belly band. There are also hidden snaps at the main closure with the buttons there just for show. This entrance point works for those using a shoulder rig. You can see the different options for wear and access to your weapon in the diagram below. 

We are now offering the Concealed Designs Shirt in three different color options, along with all other TRUSPEC 24-7 Series apparel at The video below gives further elaboration and full demonstrations of the shirt in use. 

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