Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Better Camo by Defiant Defense ROX Uniform

The ROX (ROcky teXture) pattern was developed for urbanized or rocky environments, where the traversable terrain is dominated by either concrete, gravel, or rock. It could be of use for concealment in a city, town, industrial area, or in mountainous terrain or rocky gray desert.

Defiant Defense Better Camo ROX Camouflage
The Uniform presented in the Better Camo ROX Pattern was developed by Defiant Defense merely for demonstrative purposes. It is a 100% Cotton matter with a smooth surface requiring high fidelity which can create a specular highlight that is distinct from its surroundings. As such, mil-spec materials will be the intended focus for future production to accurately portray the capability for concealment. 

ROX Camouflage Pattern
Like all effective camouflages, this pattern works in two ways: Disrupting and blending. First of all, the disruptive macro-pattern (large areas of light and dark values as seen from a distance) breaks up the distinctive shape of the human figure. Secondly, the terrain specific midi-pattern matches the colors, shapes and texture of the background elements.

Better Camo ROX Camouflage Uniform
The micro-pattern of the ROX design enhances the effectiveness of the midi-pattern by allowing a few colors to blend in different ways and appear as many different colors at normal viewing distances (typically beyond 3m/3yd). The combined effect is that the camouflage pattern is effective at all scales, even at extreme range.

ROX Uniform Field Shot
Better Camo by Defiant Defense is currently looking for an experienced printer in the continental US that can print onto mil-spec materials in visual and NIR spectra. You can contact Jon Knox at

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