Wednesday, August 29, 2012

60 Minutes: Author Discusses "No Easy Day"

The upcoming book "No Easy Day", written by Navy SEAL "Mark Owen" under pseudonym has come as quite a surprise for many. CBS has now released a segment from their upcoming 60 Minutes spot as shown in the video below, where they interview the author who gave his first person account. They do note in reference to the segment that "Mark Owen" is in disguise and his voice has been altered. While, we will leave judgement of the book release to those that this effects, the overriding implications are certainly of interest in the age of the internet where public leaks of intelligence information are instantly spread across the globe. 

Much of the information dispersed currently is mostly a validation of what has already been discussed in the media in one fashion or another. With various media outlets looking to break any new details  they can, you are bound to have conflicting accounts rather than honest journalism. This book will peg  what people will consider the truth and certainly take in a treasure trove for its publishers. 

Media outlets already claim to have possession of the new book "No Easy Day", and we would assume it has been raked over like a well crafted zen garden. Unless, something or someone is keeping them from releasing all the revelations by spoon feeding previews, then this may turn out to be one big controversy without divulging "new" info. Afterall, what media outlet could possibly withstand the urge to leak out those juicy bits and take in the spotlight and financial implications? 

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