Thursday, July 5, 2012

Wilson Combat .458 SOCOM Upper

If you are looking to make a transition to a higher caliber round, but haven't bit the bullet on a .300 Blackout Upper or want something with heavier hitting power, then Wilson Combat has an option to consider with their .458 SOCOM. They will be offering three options including a threaded 16" Lightweight and Heavy Barrel variant as well as a 14.7" option, all with a 1:14 twist. 

Wilson Combat .458 SOCOM
Wilson Combat now has the build kits available for all options but the upper receivers are on back order. The build kit includes the barrel, BCG, Ajustable Gas blog and tube, and the blueprint for the upper receiver assembly. All kits also come with an Accu-Tac Flash Hider or Whisper Suppressor Interface, which also brings the shorter barrel selection into compliance with the NFA.

Wilson Combat .458 Build Kit 14.7" Recon SR
The .458 SOCOM Round will feed into your standard 5.56 magazines, so if you are not looking to dish out cash for the Wilson Combat complete rifle with all the bells and whistles, you can outfit your own AR15 platform rifle with their complete upper for capabilities of up to 600 gr bullets with standard rounds in the 250-300 gr range readily available at a relatively reasonable cost. View full details on the .458 SOCOM Project at:

Wilsom Combat .458 SOCOM
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