Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Vans Don Bulgarian Frogskin Camo

Camouflage shoes appear to be quite trendy among the fashionable and hip skater crowd. While we have no use for Vans or camouflage on shoes for that matter, these definitely stand out from the rest by adopting some cold war era Bulgarian camo rather than the typical woodland variant or MultiCam. 

Vans Pro Era Bulgarian "Frogskin" Camo
Interestingly the camouflage pattern used for the Vans Pro Era shoes is quite rare and sources note that it was primarily utilized by border patrol or possibly border guards as researched by Whatever the case may be, some shoe designer is certainly a camo aficionado or at last dug around to find a unique selection to fit the trend. We are sure Converse is taking note, so be sure to look out for some Chuck Taylor All Stars in Greek Lizard camo. If you are looking to patrol some marshland for border jumpers or simply want a little soviet satellite nostalgia in your fashion sense, pick up a pair at

Bulgarian "Frogskin" Camouflage Pattern
Photo Courtesy: Brad Turner

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