Thursday, July 19, 2012

Tactical Concealment Utilizing A-TACS Heavy Duty Mesh

Ever since Schott Performance Fabrics released their Heavy Polyester Mesh in the A-TACS AU and FG patterns, we were interested in seeing how different manufacturers would put their product to use. Tactical Concealment seemed to be one of the more obvious choices with their sniper ghillie foundations, which have already been utilizing mosquito mesh. This month they started putting the heavy duty mesh to work with their signature products along with some neew selections. 

HDAM Cobra
The HDAM Cobra shown above utilizes the polyester Heavy Duty A-TACS Mesh which still provides ventilation for the Ghillie foundation, but is a much more durable material and less transparent than the mosquito mesh option. The HD mesh will provide for better concealment to anything underlying the material as well as a increased resistance to any abrasion. You still have the same added nylon cord for the addition of jute, vegetation, or any other added items to further blend in with the surrounding environment. 

Tactical Concealment HDAM Cobra Sleeves
The HDAM material has carried over to their popular Mamba and Viper series as well as the new Cobra Sleeves seen here. The padded sleeves provide for added protection in conjunction with the Cobra Ghillie Foundation and are ventilated in the areas where the camo mesh is present. They have the sleeves available in both the mosquito and HDAM option among their other color and camo selection. 

Ventilated Boonie Hat - A-TACS FG Camo
The other new product from Tactical Concealment that could draw some appeal outside the sniper community is their Ventilated Boonie Hat, which utilizes the Heavy Duty A-TACS Mesh on the crown of the hat for added breathing. All new HDAM products are available for online ordering at

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