Sunday, July 1, 2012

S.S.F.N. LandCamo ABD SERE Field Shots

Earlier in the month we had shown the latest LandCamo pattern making its way to final uniform production with the ABD SERE Camouflage. S.S.F.N. which is the company that designed the camo has  now released field shots showing the effectiveness for concealment. 

LandCamo ABD SERE 

The photo above is simply a square sheet of fabric in the ABD SERE pattern. We had to cheat and zoom in for an extreme close up, since this was too far to quickly detect the camouflage. Perhaps you can be quicker on the draw, but this was quite the test to pinpoint the swath of camo.

LandCamo ABD SERE Field Shot
At first glance of this photo, we just saw a floating head. The uniform soon became apparent after catching the clear giveaway. This is pretty impressive, especially at such a close range. Obviously there was no effort taken to conceal the body part most easy to indicate due to its distinct shape, which makes for an great effect when combined with the ability of the ABD SERE camouflage to blend into the given terrain. S.S.F.N. notes that their patterns are developed to interfere with the brain's logical and visual shape recognition center. This especially comes into play when the end user is moving and can blur vision when concentrating on the pattern for any period of time, which allows it to blend in with the most arid of terrains.

ABD SERE Camouflage Close Up
This view point is clearly no surprise hide from such a close distance, but you can clearly see the pattern and the way the colorway and pattern fits in with the surrounding environment. The differentiation from the solid color boot sole compared to the camo blending in is very apparent.

There is a lot more to camouflage than pattern and colorway alone. How you utilize it plays a major factor as well. Clearly in areas with limited foliage in clear day light recognition of a subject can be quite easy with a shadow present or an uncovered head shining in the daylight.

Clearly it is not as easy with a low profile and a covered head. The shots presented by S.S.F.N. give a clear indication of their effectiveness in a sandy and rocky environment as well as high intensity sunlight. They now have uniforms in production, which will soon be available for distribution. We look forward to their future developments and will present any company news. For licensing and product distribution contact Brane Cervek at: For more information regarding LandCamo ABD SERE by S.S.F.N. along with additional imagery, visit

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  1. Looks great, I have been following Landcamo online for some time. Its great to see the patterns in uniform and in a realistic environment. I sense big things on the horizon for Landcamo in the future. I will most certainly be buying a set.