Friday, July 6, 2012

Short Barrel Rifle Case from SpecOpShop

The SpecOpShop is yet another military uniform and gear manufacturer to bring the A-TACS FG pattern to their product line and they have now introduced their new Short Barrel Rifle Case in the camouflage. The case has an overall length of over 2.5 feet and nearly 1 foot wide and incorporates 1/2" closed cell foam to keep out any moisture. The SBR case was manufactured to fit an 11.5" Barrel M4 rifle with the stock collapsed. 

SpecOpShop Short Barrel Rifle Case in A-TACS FG Camo
An added exterior pocket provides ample space for five built-in double 30 round M4 mag pouches with a total carry of three hundred rounds. The Short Barrel Rifle Case zips opens flat for easy access to the weapon and associated accessories.  The case can also double as a shooting mat when laid flat on the ground in the open position. One side of the interior is lined with webbing for magazine and accessory pouches.

SpecOpShop SBR Case Five Double-Magazine Pocket
The flip side of the case interior has a 1/2" zip pouch for a cleaning kit along with two rows of loop for identification. There are also two strips of loop on the exterior of the case and one strip on the mag pouch for this same purpose.  This is the original prototype rifle case for SpecOpShop and they are considering a variety of options for sizing to fit standard 16" barrels and beyond. You can also expect a varied selection for solid colors and camouflage options. Ordering will soon be available at:

SpecOpShop Short Barrel Rifle Case Interior

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