Tuesday, July 3, 2012

RECOIL Issue III on Stands

Its that time again to pick up the latest RECOIL Magazine, which has some great news in their latest issue. We are not talking about top notch content and imagery related to guns, knives, and gear. There is  plenty of that to be had along with topics on home defense and training with firearms However,  RECOIL's editor has announced that home delivery mail service will be available for their quickly growing reader base. 

RECOIL Magazine V.1 Issue 3
We have just had enough time to browse through the headlines and gawk at some of the gun pron on display, but we are excited to see some hot topics being covered including the latest kit to modify and modernize your shotgun from companies like Mission First Tactical, Wilson Combat, and Surefire. Another top article we will definitely have to pick apart is Larue Tactical's Costa Ludus PredatorOBR Hybrid rifle manufactured for Chris Costa. We also see great tutorial on DIY Kydex holsters and sheaths. 

RECOIL: Kitting Out Your Defensive Shotgun
We made our way down to Wally World for the quickest route to our fix and it isn't apparent how soon the home subscription service will be available for order, but we are sure it will become very clear soon. For full details on getting your own fix on the latest issue visit:

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