Wednesday, July 4, 2012

P90 Tactical Vest in A-TACS FG Camouflage

We see plenty of innovative Nylon products manufactured for all types of firearms and equipment. The Vest Guy, yes that is the name of the company, has introduced the A-TACS FG camouflage pattern for their tactical vest line designed for the FN P90 PDW magazines and complementary gear. 

The Vest Guy P90 Tactical Vest - A-TACS FG
What really drew our attention to this product was the combined use of the Polyesther A-TACS FG Mesh in addition to the standard Nylon. Also if you are looking for load bearing equipment to carry the essentials, but are not in need of armor carriage then they could offer the right solution. The vest is also equipped with a hydration carrier and a weapon retention sling as an additional option. 

P90 Tactical Vest Rear with A-TACS FG Mesh
The Vest Guy certainly offer some interesting products with several now available in the A-TACS FG including vests similar to this, but with appropriate sized pockets for a camera and other photography equipment. The vests are open to customization with a base model and several add-ons depending on your personal needs. They also have several options for firearms that are more off the beaten path but picking up steam, so they definitely looking to fulfill a need for different options. View the full specs on the P90 Tactical Vest in the video below and online at

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