Sunday, July 15, 2012

More Concealment from LandCamo ABD/SERE

We received the latest field shots of LandCamo ABD/SERE from S.S.F.N. and they are more impressive than the first series. Of course there is now a hat added to the mix to conceal the most noticeable body part as well as some fabric to cover up the always easy to peg black rifle. We'll start out hard and then make things easy for detection and pattern recognition. 

LandCamo ABD/SERE Camouflage Concealed
S.S.F.N. is very happy with the outcome of the uniforms using their ABD/SERE camouflage and are in the final testing steps. They will be moving on to a larger production run with a Special Operations unit field efficiency test in the works. In these shots you will also note partially cloudy skies which added a different perspective on lighting from the original photos. 

LandCamo ABD/SERE Camouflage by S.S.F.N
Landcamo will also manufacture high demand uniform sets that are 99% hand utilizing the LKUD Landsknecht and DSUD Doppelsöldner designs. Both uniform options will offer innovative designs that are comfortable and reliable for military use. The quality will be guaranteed by providing practical features and utility in any environment. The fabric will be made in Slovenia where the final uniform production will also take place.

LandCamo ABD/SERE Camo Revealed
For additional photos from this set along with full information on LandCamo patterns including the ABD/SERE camouflage seen here visit

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