Sunday, July 8, 2012

LLARMS Seeking Input on Color Selection

LLARMS has selected a new name for their GEN III Prototype for their Chassis Weapon System, which is soon to be released. They noted that in the coming months they have arranged to ship out a demo unit to a handful of established bloggers and industry shooters to provide real world unbiased feedback. Input from the community is appreciated and has been paramount in helping in their decision making process. 


They have provided a sample photo of their prototype in six different colors that are popular in the industry including Foliage Green, Dark Tan, Urban Grey, Classic Black, Olive Drab and Light Tan. They also included a teaser with a very small object that hints at a big feature that will be part of the overall system. They would like to hear your feedback, so leave your answer in the comments below and we will pass along the info. 


  1. looks pretty cool. will it fit rem 700? i would only buy black.

  2. Opps, i forgot this was an AR chassis, i would buy it, but it has to be black or its a no go. All my AR's are black already.

  3. Actually, you will be happy to know that once we get this AR chassis out to the public our next major venture will be building a system for the Remington 700 series. We knew from the beginning we wanted to build something on a bolt action system as well. May be a little while, but perhaps something will surface at the beginning of 2013 on "that" project. :)

  4. I don't know, that Urban Grey is pretty smooth. I've been seeing more of it around, and it's just plain slick.