Friday, July 13, 2012

Klymit Air Beam Vapor Current Pack Frame

Klymit is known for making some of the most innovative sleeping pads and Granite Gear has developed some of the more technical backpacks on the market. So you know something good will come out of a collaboration between the two. In a press release from earlier in the week, the two companies announced  that the new pressurized air pack frame known as Klymit Air Beam will be utilized in lieu of the high density polyethylene frame in all Vapor Current packs from Granite Gear. Looks like we can see more V.C. Packs on the horizon from this announcement as well. 

Klymit Air Beam Pack Frame

The Klymit Air Beam will have some weight savings over the previous frame, but more importantly will distribute weight to the hips with its design form fitting capabilities. This is one of those innovations that at first glance seems to be a no-brainer giving the comfort aspects compared to a solid frame on your back. Obviously someone has to have the thought and drive to make it happen. Look for the Klymit Air Beam to be sold with the Granite Gear V.C. 60 this fall. 

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  1. Can't wait to see what Klymit and Granite Gear come up with! Good luck on the new packs!
    Tina Ingle
    CORDURA(R) brand
    Account Manager