Sunday, July 15, 2012

Izhmash AK-74M Airsoft

Seeing the growing market for airsoft weapons, the key manufacturer of Kalashnikov rifles has jumped on board the trend by producing an AK-74M that will fire plastic rounds rather than metal. Clearly the economics of the business in manufacturing non-lethal weaponry overrides any preconceived notions associated with airsoft.

Izhmash Airsoft AK-74M 
The prolific weapons manufacturer behind the AK makes no bones about it that they will be targeting market figures of 40K airsoft players along with military training prospects. The US military already makes use of M4/M16 version along with a variety of other weapon facsimiles for training purposes, so it is not a stretch for AK options to serve similar purposes and we are sure the appeal of an Izhmash produced airsoft gun will certainly drive sales. They already see the purpose of use for Russian youth in training for sport. 

Airsoft AK-74M
The initial Airsoft AK-74M will be battery operated, which we assume will be of the AEG variety and promises to fire 800 6mm rounds per minute. Less regulation is another key consideration for this business move, so we expect for Izhmash to be seeking smooth worldwide distribution of the product. With comparable components to their standard AK-74M they expect a smooth transition with mass production out of their Izhevsk plant due to be up and running by September. 

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