Monday, July 9, 2012

Intelligent Armor MultiCam Kindle Case

Nylon gear for phones and electronics are a dime a dozen these days with a lot of generic product churned out, so we don't tend to touch on this too much. However, Intelligent Armor (IA) has released a Kindle case that utilizes one of the higher end MultiCam Delta soft shell material from Duro Industries that consists of a lightweight 40 Denier Ripstop Nylon with a Nanosphere treatment that repels liquids.

IA MultiCam Kindle Case
We have found the books on demand from Kindle to be a treasure trove for any moment wasted in line or any time you find yourself waiting. You also can't over look the relative cost compared to hard copy books. IA included two pockets in their Kindle Case design with a zip option could come in handy for credit cards, cash, or ID. 

IA Kindle Case Pockets
The external pocket could work great for a cell phone, charging cable, or other small item you don't want to carry on your person. We like simplicity with function and this certainly gives you what you need for the targeted product. The IA MultiCam Kindle Case is available for international shipping at:

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