Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Hyde Definition: Improved Look at the News

The camouflage design company Hyde Definition has a new look on how they release the latest information for gear, uniforms, and beyond that feature their PenCott Camouflage. They also have a lot of great news to report on their latest developments. One of the great announcements to come out recently is the introduction of the Badlands, GreenZone, and Sandstorm patterns to new gear being developed by SOD out of Italy. 

SOD Gear Coming Soon in PenCott Camouflage
Some other great news for Hyde Definition is a featured article about their camouflage in the Kommando International Special Operations Magazine with the recent release of SABRE brand military clothing and gear utilizing their Badlands and GreenZone PenCott Patterns. There are a lot more updates to catch up on so be sure to see the latest at:

Kommando Featured Tarnung: PenCott Camouflage
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