Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Fresh Brewed Coffee Wherever You May Roam

We like products that serve a perfect to make things easy when modern comforts are not close at hand. Making coffee in the back country can be a hassle and a little Bolivian pick me up doesn't have to come in a white powdered form when away from civilization. Grower's Cup out of Denmark has come up with their own self-contained gourmet coffee brewing system in a pouch. It is easy to pack and the only added element needed is hot water. Obviously this takes a little work, but with a lightweight Jetboil or Heatstick, this task is ready in a few minutes. 

Grower's Cup Freshly Brewed Specialty Coffee
Hands down, a cup of hot coffee on a cold morning is one of the great creature comforts in the wilderness. Grower's Cup offers the finest coffee from the top spots around the world including Costa Rica and Bolivia. In the scheme of things, we could care less where it comes from as long as it tastes good. From what we see this product is one step away from an intravenous drip which could prove useful when really dragging ass in the morning.

Thing Pouring a Fresh Grower's Cup Coffee
Grower's Cup currently has retailers throughout Europe and they are making their way to the use to seek out new business. The video below gives you a quick overview of how to use the product. Obviously your hot water may come from different sources, but in the end it all goes in the bag one way or another. They also have a holster to hold the bag if you want to get real fancy with your gourmet coffee, just to keep your pinky down if drinking straight from the bag. 

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