Saturday, July 7, 2012

Discovery Channel: Hell and Back, Special Ops Ranger

Nearly two years ago the Discovery Channel launched Surviving the Cut which featured an Episode  Covering the US Army Ranger School.  Now they will premier an hour long documentary giving a first look into the 75th Ranger Regiment's Assessment and Selection Program (RASP) at 9PM EST on Sunday night. We look forward to seeing the inside footage of RASP, which is an 8 week extreme physical test to determine mental toughness and capability under stress. 

75th Ranger Regiment JTAC Controller During SOFEX 2012
Photo by USAF MSG Bloker 
Below is some footage from their first show covering Ranger School, which is the most demanding small unit leadership school in the US Army and is not required to be part of the 75th Ranger Regiment. For the real low down on the 75th Ranger Regiment and their capabilities check out


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