Saturday, July 14, 2012

Danner Tektite Boots

Danner has released their latest footwear line looking to combine the comfort and feel of a shoe with the durability and strength of a boot. What really drew our interest is the use of SuperFabric® and  GoreTex® XCR materials. The former has been seen in use as a reinforcement and abrasion resistant material for the knee and elbow joints of military uniforms and is also utilized by other boot manufacturers. SuperFabric is flexible and breathable, so working in tandem with the GTX XCR lining, you have a tough waterproof upper that is comfortable under strenuous activity.

Danner Tectite GTX XCR Boots
The tough upper combines with a lightweight supportive EXO platform that is covered with a thermoplastic polyurethane to make for a slip resistant and comfortable step. Danner Tektite is currently available with a Work Boot line including few different options. We like what we see with the materials used and construction, which could carry over well for their other boot lines. View full specs and ordering at

Danner Tektite Boots

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