Monday, July 2, 2012

Combat XII Range Bag

Given the dimensions of the Combat XII Pack and and overall design, it makes for a great range bag. I have been utilizing it for this exact purpose as is the case for this owner of the pack in MultiCam who has given a full overview on Youtube of how he configures the pack for his own needs.

The pack does make for a good rifle rest especially when packed with placement in the gap between the two small pouches. However, this crafty shooter has attached an actual padded rifle rest to provide this function more accurately.He also gives a breakdown on multiple pouches that can be used in conjunction with the pack along with the storage capabilities of the pack for ammunition, hydration, and beyond.  It is always great to see how others take the pack and run with it with their own additions to customize it for personal preference. 

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  1. Hey,
    Good video and good looking bag, one thing I saw that I hope you can direct me to is how to get the emergency scissors pouch, I’m in the U.K. but hopefully you can direct me to a website?
    Contact back at

    by the way awesome blog, I check almost daily

  2. Check out RE Factor Tactical. They have a great Shears Holster to attach to webbing. We think this is pretty handy.