Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Camouflage Design Process Explained

We just recently reported on the release of new camouflage patterns to be utilized by the Singapore Air Force and Navy and its similar to UCP among other US pixelated camouflage. Recently there have been grumblings that the Singapore Ministry of Defense was second guessing the decision give news bloviations about the failure of UCP and unofficial statements that the U.S Army was doing away with the camo altogether. 

"The New Paper", which is the second largest Newspaper in Singapore has set the record straight on their own camouflage "controversy" while still giving inaccurate statements on the U.S. Army's stance on UCP. The complete article is provided below. 

Of much greater interest than the regurge of the media overreaching reality, they managed to get some expert opinions on camouflage along with reiterations of Guy Cramer's stance on pixelated patterns and Lawrence Holsworth of Hyde Definition explaining how to create new camouflage. Clearly he is confident in showing others how the magic is made. 

Camouflage Design Explained

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