Monday, July 9, 2012

Body Armor Testing: A Real Team Player

We guess ballistics gels and other 21st century modeling for the human body is just not good enough. Clearly it is imperative that the manufacturers of body armor show that they take a round at point blank range to show the effectiveness of their product. Of course if taking one 7.62X39 round is not enough, you should truly show that multiple rounds will not diminish the protection value. 

Live Leak released this video of an Italian manufacturer firing 10 rounds at their human guinea pig, whom we assume or at least hope is a higher up in the company if not anowner.  While we don't see car manufacturers putting their Executives in harms way to test out safety features, the old adage still stands for marketing sake, "You could learn a lot from a dummy". If you prefer other calibers being tested on human subjects check out additional footage at

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  1. This has to be one of the more insane things I have ever seen. It is definitely great to see a man stand behind his product, a whole other thing to put his life in its hands. Great video!