Thursday, June 21, 2012

Zombie Quick Draw Six Pack Gun Case

Cruzer Case has up the ante on their handgun travel case by increasing the capacity from 5 to 6 guns in total for universal carry. Of course as things go in the firearm industry, you have to slap on a zombie tagline anytime you amp up a prior design. They had us at Six Pack, but we are sure the zombie slant will easily amplify their sales by ten or not, who knows how that works. 

CaseCruzer Zombie Quick Draw - Universal Handgun 6 Pack
At this point the zombie theme has turned into the norm, so just overlook that for now and see that there is plenty of potential for those that want to keep their collection safely tucked away in one convenient package along with slots foe two magazines for each pistol. It also comes with a desiccant slot to keep thing nice and dry when packed away. 

CaseCruzer Universal Handgun 6 Pack
The Zombie Quick Draw comes in a standard carry case and also a travel-easy option with wheels and a pull handle. They do take note that it is check in only. Aside from the doomsday scenario they tout, this is certainly a convenient means to move a pistol six pack, which can make for a great day at the range or for those that travel frequently with their guns on hand. Full details and ordering at

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