Saturday, June 2, 2012

Windham Weaponry Teams Up with POF-USA

These are two great firearms manufacturers that we have covered over the past year. They are both relatively new, yet growing brands in the industry. Patriot Ordnance Factory has a decade of experience in building their unique gas piston system rifles.

Windham Weaponry has their history as Bushmaster, prior to the buyout from Remington. Now both companies will be running a joint operation out of a factory in North Phoenix where POF-USA is moving into their new digs.

POF-USA P416 Tactical Rifle
The news release notes they will be making carbon fiber rifles, .308's, and POF's P415/P416, which are their high end .223 chambered rifles. Our first hand experience with both rifles took place down at Cabela's when I was picking up a Windham Weaponry SRC to bring home.

Interestingly the customer representative that assisted me pointed out how the guys from POF, whom happened to be displaying their rifles in front of the store, were amazed by the quality given the low price of the rifle offered by Windham.  I just took this as possibly being some sales ploy, but already had my mind made up from doing a little personal research on their new rifles.

Windham Weaponry currently only has what many would consider to be entry level AR15 Platform rifles. It will be interesting to see where this partnership takes them as Patriot Ordnance Factory is churning out top of the line firearms with their gas piston system, which top out around $3K. Phoenix and Arizona at large is a growing hub in the industry with many favorable business and legal conditions to attract growing gun manufacturers.

The two growing companies will be taking on a 12,000 sq. ft. facility and will also be bringing JC Machine and Motorsports LLC on board for more potential synergy. We are not familiar with this company, but the name may speak for itself given the POF-USA TRV seen below along with the more obvious machining capabilities.

POF-USA Tactical Response Vehicle
With the wide gap in the differential of the products offered by Windham and POF, we can see for a lot of potential middle ground synergy to benefit customers with the former integrating high quality large scale production with the latter's attention to detail when it comes to differentiation from the status quo. If an affordable mass produced gas piston system .308 that doesn't stray to far from POF's P308 comes out of the mix then we could definitely see some potential for this relationship. Obviously they have their own plans in the works and we will just be awaiting for product to appear.

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