Sunday, June 10, 2012

Wilderness Innovation MultiCam Personal Survival Shelter

Wilderness Innovation offers a wide variety of survival products for use out in the field. They just recently introduced their Personal Survival Shelter (PSS) in MultiCam Camouflage. The PSS is a three purpose individual piece of material that can convert into a hooded poncho, hammock, or tent. It is made with Nylon Ripstop. The entire kit comes complete with a Cordura Nylon carry bag with MOLLE webbing for attachment to load bearing equipment and two lengths of 550 parachute cord.

Wilderness Innovation Personal Survival Shelter
The PSS has twelve separate webbing tabs for different tent and lean to configurations depending on the circumstance. In the photo above you can see a typical tent set up. The poncho set up is simple with a hole in the middle of the material with a hood providing head coverage and incorporates a paracord drawstring for quick adjustment. Snap tabs surround the outside of the PSS to confirm the poncho to your upper body and keep rain out. The hood also snaps to the material itself to cover the hole when used in the other configurations.

Wilderness Innovation MultiCam PSS Poncho Config.
The hammock is a quick set up with the paracord ran through a tab on each side of the PSS. In the shot below you can see the standard hammock set up along with some supplemental insect netting they offer that can be snapped into place. Wilderness Innovation also offers secondary liners for purchase to add padding, warmth, as well as additional covers for secondary protection above the hammock or tent  setup. 
Wilderness Innovation PSS Hammock Configuration
The PSS is offered in UCP camouflage (ACU), Tan, White, and now MultiCam. They also offer a one foot addition at the rear of the poncho set up for the long version, which allows for added coverage of packs or other equipment worn on your person. The Personal Survival Shelter is now available for order at

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  1. Very nice. Any idea what length paracord that is? I want to order some ACU color but don't now if I should order 100ft or a spool since there's a notable price difference from my usual supplier.

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