Friday, June 8, 2012

TYR Tactical PICO MV Soft Armor Platforms

TYR Tactical is rolling out a lot of new gear in the lead up to their new catalog release. The latest additions include redesigns on armor carrier accessories, which provide added protection with T34 Armor along with more functionality for load carry.

Starting from the top down is the MV Lower Abdomen Platform which attaches in right at the base of their PICO or PICO MV plate carriers.  It features daisy chain loop with capacity for up to ten shells and adjustable draw cords to hold tourniquets or other supplies, along with some MOLLE webbing carried over to the platform itself. 

TYR PICO MV Groin Protection and All Added Accessories

Further down the line is a groin protection panel that is standard in appearance except with the addition of two rows of MOLLE webbing and daisy chain loop for an additional eight shells. Finally there is MV Ergonomic Drop Leg Panel which comes as a two piece set and connects into the Brokos or Gunfighter belts right at the hip with a high ride design that contours to the thigh and natural movement of the leg. It includes four rows of webbing for pouches and other MOLLE compatible equipment. For additional information and ordering visit

TYR Tactical MV Ergonomic Drop Leg Panel

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