Thursday, June 28, 2012

SORD USA Extra Large Hydration Carrier

We saw some great shots of the Extra Large Hydration Carrier in action with the MultiCam camouflage version of the pack at two different Redback One training courses. This shot shows two instructors demonstrating techniques at their Advanced Operator Course.

Photo from Redback One Advanced Operator Training Course
There are a wide variety of hydration carriers on the market as well as assault packs. This extra large carrier fills the gap for 24 hour missions. The main compartments has space for two 70 ounce bladder or one 100 ounce option in the main compartment. 

SORD Extra Large Hydration Carrier
Photos by Redback One - Advanced Operator Course

The carrier also has a rear zip pocket designed to fit a 200 round drum or M18A1. You could also opt to pack in spare ammunition, field rations, or other slag to stow away. A square of velcro loop is situated on the rear of the secondary pouch for any patches and identification. 

At the top of the hydration carrier you have two ports for routing hydration tubes or comm equipment as you could fit a small radio in the main compartment with the smaller hydration bladder. For some perspective on the size of the hydration carrier, the instructor in the photo above is 6'7". He is also wearing the SORD USA Field Uniform along a new product that we will be announcing soon.

SORD Extra Large Hydration Carrier
The hydration carrier is shown attached to the Advanced Releasable Armor carrier and is compatible for any MOLLE. Once packed, you can cinch it down with the built in compression straps for a tight fit and lower profile that is relatively snag free. 

Jason Falla with SORD Extra Large Hydration Carrier
Photos by Redback One - 3 Day Ambush/Night Operations Course
This Hydration Carrier is a great overall value and is perfect for use in the field, on the range, or in this case during combat training courses. It can also be used in conjunction medium to large sized packs if you want separate compartmentalization for separate or combined use depending on the intended mission. The SORD USA Extra Large Hydration Carrier is available for immediate shipping in MultiCam, A-TACS AU, and SBC (Tan) at

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