Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Snake Hound Machine AK Build

The build of the latest customized AK from Snake Hound Machine is complete and here are a few shots showing off the final project. They have combined their gunsmith prowess with some of the best rifle accessories on the market to provide a weapon that combines reliability with improved performance. 

Snake Hound Machine Ultimak Extended Handguard AK
We are un-apologetically partial to Snake Hound Machine's use of the EFFIN A AK47 Compensator on all of their new builds as a standard muzzle device. However, their combination of Magpul, US Palm, Ultimak, and other high end firearms components provide for an overall impressive transformation of the AK platform. 

Snake Hound Machine AK Build
These are just a few shots of what Snake Hound Machine has for this particular AK build, for full details on all accessories used and more imagery visit

Snake Hound Machine Ultimak Build
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