Friday, June 8, 2012

Sitka Optifade Waterfowl Line Packs

Sitka has expanded their waterfowl line utilizing Gore Optifade Concealment Marsh camouflage with the new Full and Half Choke Packs. Depending on your propensity for the outdoors, they have designed two options, whether you are seeking an all day excursion or simply a morning hunter. The Full Choke Pack has a capacity of up to 1700 cubic inches. This is a simple pack with multiple carry options at every angle and weighs in under three pounds. The pack features multiple compartments for easy organization of shells, gear, snacks, and other necessities along with hip pouches for easy access to smaller items. 

Sitka Full Choke Pack - Gore Optifade Concealment Marsh 

The Half Choke Pack has a very similar layout but cuts the weight down to two and a half pounds with less capacity and a more basic carry handle. While Optifade has been developed for hunting game and fowl we have seen plenty of instances for its use in tracking down the two legged variety. Perhaps the propensity for the appreciate of the hunt gives rise for the camo cross over into professional use. See the full line of Waterfowl gear utilizing the Gore Optifade Concealment Marsh camouflage at

Sitka Half Track Pack in Gore Optifade Concealment Marsh
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