Friday, June 15, 2012

NFM GARM FR Combat Clothing System

Dutch Defence Press has provided some great coverage of the Norwegien Company NFM and their GARM line of  flame retardant uniform clothing and gear. Garm is the guardian of the gate for the Norse Helheim (land of the dead). Obviously the symbolism of the name carries over to the key function of the protection fabric utilized on the battlefield. 

NFM GARM at Eurosatory 2012
Photo Courtesy Dutch Defence Press 
The GARM line was developed with guidance from the Norwegian Ministry of Defense as part of a full combat clothing system meeting all aspects of what a soldier needs known as Full Spectrum Protection. Two of the major materials utilized for their flame resistant properties are Tencate's Defender M and Merino Wool.

Both of these materials have been utilized by the US based manufacturers for development of FR Clothing for the US Department of Defense, which we have covered among multiple services with wool gaining further traction for expanded use in garments. It can also be seen that MultiCam camouflage has been carried over as Norwegian Defence Forces have provided NATO/ISAF support in Afghanistan during Operation Enduring Freedom.

NFM GARM FR Combat Clothing System
A lot went into the design features of the GARM combat clothing systems in respect to ergonomics and how a soldier functions. Close attention was paid to products that met the needs of use in the field as well as in the barracks with separate clothing for what they respectively designate as High Speed Operations (HSO) or for the latter Long Term Operations (LTO).

NFM GARM Combat Clothing System 
View the complete coverage of the GARM combat clothing system by NFM, along with many more photos like these at You will also find full details on GARM in the upcoming issue of Raider Magazine.

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