Thursday, June 28, 2012

MultiCam PSS Winter Application

Wilderness Innovation shared some great shots of their Personal Survival Shelter in action on some winter snowshoe outings.

Wilderness Innovation PSS Hooded Poncho
The multiple configurations for the PSS are represented in the shots along with some other options dependent on the utility needed.

Personal Survival Shelter Tarp Configuration
Hooded Poncho, Tarp, Tent, and Hammock are the main configurations that can be altered slightly to fit with the given conditions when in the backcountry. Wilderness Innovation also offers a white version, which depending on your application in the snow may prove effective, however as a hammock it appears the MultiCam version works quite well for concealment. 

MultiCam PSS Hammock Configuration
The Personal Survival Shelter is available for purchase in UCP and MultiCam Camouflage, as well as Tan or White at:

Wilderness Innovation MultiCam PSS Concealed
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