Tuesday, June 5, 2012

LandCamo ABD SERE Camouflage Released

S.S.F.N. has released their latest uniform products featuring their latest LandCamo arid/transitional camouflage variant known as ABD/SERE. The name fits right in with the company's focus on survival. They have already received a lot of interest in this particular pattern for use on military uniforms, so it is great to see the finished products which are treated to integrate IRR properties. The camouflage has already been presented to Slovenia's Ministry of Defense and will be field tested by a highly trained military unit in Afghanistan and Iraq.  The photo below shows their newly introduced combat shirt with the pattern on the sleeves along with combat pants with coat in hand. 

LandCamo ABD/SERE by S.S.F.N. 
Here is a closer look at the ABD/SERE pattern on the Combat Uniform along with some of the features of the coat including matching camo panels if the hook and loop is not in use and a concealed pocket behind the standard bicep pocket.

We are definitely intrigued with this pattern given the possibilities for use in multiple environments. The camouflage definitely focuses more toward a colorway for arid environments, and the given backdrop certainly plays well into an ideal terrain for concealment. 

We can also see some potential for transitioning into areas with more vegetation given the dark brown and green shades. With the wide range of patterns offered in the ABD line, there are suitable selections for a variety of regions around the globe We look forward to seeing some field shots to see the ABD/SERE camouflage put to the test. S.S.F.N is currently looking for global distributors for their camouflage products. For additional information and more photos visit

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