Saturday, June 16, 2012

Importance of Weapon Accuracy

The ability for your rifle to function properly all lies in what you want it to do. You will find many side by side comparisons of different weapons or rounds that are supposed to fit the same function. Inevitably you will have someone siding with one or the other as the "better option". Obviously a better performance should gain merit for a rifle, handgun, shotgun, etc. 

However, if your end goal is met and you are happy with the results then perhaps it is not so black and white in choosing a particular firearm. Many factors can play into favoritism for a gun and many times these are based on personal bias or perception. Jim Fuller explains this perfectly in regards to the accuracy of the AK platform in this video from Panteao Productions as presented at

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  1. you have to realize that the enemy won't allways be standing up making himself a big target. if we are talking about battle-rifles I'm going to take an AR platform

  2. His argument is severely flawed, it goes like this:
    If you've pre-conceived that AK accuracy is sufficient, then the AK is accurate enough.
    One could easily flip that argument to the pro-AK folks. If you've pre-conceived that the AR is reliable, then the AR is reliable enough.
    I'm not getting into the AR vs AK debate, just sayin his argument is silly.