Monday, June 11, 2012

Gilboa Snake DBR (Double Barrel Rifle)

We have already touched on the Double Barrel Rifle to be released by Silver Shadow at Eurosatory and now the day has come for them to fully introduce their Gilboa Snake DBR. We have provided their complete overview along with specs. Key factors involved are a single trigger mechanism for nearly simultaneous firing from both 9.5 inch barrels with their initial DBR chambered in 5.56X45mm and weighs in at 9.41 pounds. Their explained focus was to provide an accurately grouped double tap without the margin of error.

Silver Shadow Gilboa Snake DBR

Gilboa Snake Top View
The Gilboa™ Snake is a concept weapon designed to deliver twice the fire power in which ever caliber it is manufactured.

This feature enables the operator to accurately deliver two rounds into a target without the delay of cycling and recoil, which makes double taps difficult to group. The Snake will allow faster traversing between multiple targets by enabling two rounds on target with each trigger pull. 

Based on the Gilboa™ AR platform, with the snake has wider upper and lower receivers. The Gilboa™ Snake firing mechanism is an open breech system. The two parallel barrels are 3 centimeters apart from the center of the bore. 

One Trigger mechanism operates a proprietary bolt carrier that synchronizes the firing using two bolts, with a fraction of a second delay between the first bullet exiting the left barrel followed the secondary bullet leaving the right barrel. 

The unique piston operated cocking mechanism utilizes the returning gas to create continuous cycling. The Gilboa™ Snake comes with ergonomic handgrip and special handguard surrounded with Picatinny rail. 

Technical data: 
Caliber:  5.56X45mm
Method of operation: Proprietary piston system
Weight without magazine: 9.41 pounds
Overall length (stock extended) 31.50 inches
Overall length (stock removed) 19.50 inches
Barrel length: 9.5 inches
Weapon width: 22.9 inches
Bore characteristics Chrome lined 1:7 RH
Firing mode: Full auto or semi-auto available

Gilboa Rifles are manufactured by Silver Show in Israel. For more information visit:

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  1. What problem does this solve? Like the "double barreled 1911" a couple o months ago......what is the bedrock point of this beyond "it can be done"? Expending twice the ammo at half the ate isn't solving a problem more than it is creating new ones. The human can only carry so much ammo to begin with. Mag exchages with speed under duress will be more complicated as well. The practicality escapes me in this "concept".

  2. I remember way back in the 90's when the Army held it competition to replace the M16 (this was the one that brought us the H&K G11 caseless) one of the entries had a rifle that fired a duplex bullet (one bullet in front with a second right behind it fired in the same case). The idea was to increase hit probability with one trigger pull. According to this article using one trigger two bolts are worked and fraction of a second delay between the first and second round kinda does the same thing that the duplex round does without the hassle of obtaining such a specialized round.

    Was that the intention of the maker of this rifle? I don't know. Will it increase hit probability and achieve a double tap without two trigger pulls? I don't know. Is it cool? Most certainly. Would someone crap their pants if you pointed it at them? You bet. Would I carry it? probably not.

  3. 9.5" barrel, intended for CQ applications but still, the practicality escapes me when most training incorporates double tap trigger mechanics and full auto would just be an extension of spray and pray. Again, all I can see is "it can be done" and it doesn't solve any exisiting problem in a realistically practical way. If you have to clear a room, just toss in a weighs lessand does more.

  4. Twice as many parts to break or otherwise fail...

    It'll be a hit in Modern Warfare 4, though.

  5. Twice as many parts to coat in bitchin' gold exotic-kewl triple-price Titanium Nitride - cyrogenically too! Ka-Ching!

  6. I think id prefer a two round burst for a lot less weight.